6 reasons why events are great for your small business.

Recently, I have been trying to escape my home office and put on something other than my PJs. Networking events – where have you been all my life?! Afterward, I am energized and enthused by what I have learned, and I leave each one with an armful of new information and contacts. I know so much more about the business that hosted the event, and when it comes to recommending them to other people or using their services, I trust them from personal experience. 

Here are 6 solid gold reasons why an event would be great for YOUR business: 

Raise your profile 

It is a great way to get your products and services out in front of more people. Your website is necessary, and I am sure amazing, but there is no way to tell if potential clients are getting all the information you want from it. This way, you control the narrative, the what, where, and the when. 

Thought leader  

If you aren’t sure what a thought leader is, they’re the ones you go to when you need a real deal update on what’s happening. We trust them, they inspire and innovate, and not just that – they show us how to do it too! An event is a perfect time for you to showcase your expertise. You can talk about your passion, and give people the chance to ask you questions. After time and practice, it’s YOU that’s the real deal. You can promote directly to your audience, you have control over the information the participants get, and you are placing yourself squarely as a positive and authoritative presence in your field. 

Think local (not just global) 

As a virtual assistant, I have clients across the globe, and I love that, but nothing beats working with clients in your local area. Relationships in the local business community boost your lead generation. The chance to get face to face with potential clients and other businesses builds rapport and lets them see the real you (that’s a good thing, I promise 😉 ).

Social media inspiration

There are so many ways to get fantastic content from an event. You get video clips, photos, and information from the day that you can use in posts and articles. People can tag or follow the event on social media while it’s happening, and you can ask the participants to share their photos from the day to their networks (getting you a whole new audience!). 

Create a buzz 

Creating hype around your business is invaluable. Give your attendees a great time with quality content, and they will be talking about you and your business to everyone they meet in person or online. 


I don’t just mean for your attendees. Work that room! Talk about your passion to your heart’s content. That stuff is contagious, and one of the reasons you do what you do. That enthusiasm for your business will rub off on the people around you. 

If this all sounds amazing, but you aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with us to talk about our Event Management packages and let us handle it for you! 

If you are speaking at an event, and you are a teensy bit scared (don’t be – I know you can do it!), check out the Green Desk Presenter’s Checklist to get super prepared to be a kick-ass presenter. 

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