Right before we had even heard of Coronavirus, I had spent a week with a colleague working on an excellent package for event management. I had managed to choose the one thing that absolutely wouldn’t work in the coming weeks and months. I will be honest – that knocked the wind out my sails a little bit.

After a few days of windless drifting, I realized it was not as dire as I had initially thought. I had got over the first hurdle – knowing that I needed to make a change. Previously if I needed to know what services to offer or what changes to make to existing services, I had to get into all sorts of analytics and research. Not so this time – we all know exactly which of our services won’t work and that we need to take things online. For a VA, our services are all delivered virtually, it was all about reacting to how my clients need to do business in the new climate, and what they would need from me to do it.

I listened to what other business owners were saying and spoke to clients about what their challenges were. It came down to two things – having to change their existing services completely (for example, how does a dog walker pivot their business?!) and adapting ways of doing business (moving to online meetings or turning an in-person event into a virtual event).

A great way to use this time of change is to up your social media game. It is your friend, and not only free advertising, but also your connection to your clients and potential clients. One way to use social media is by sharing the tricks of your trade (my dog walking friend is able to guide people on what keeps pets happy and exercised during social distancing and offer online videos of first aid information for pets and grooming.

Lastly, and this is not the least important (and in fact, might be the most important), help people out (because we all need this, now more than ever). The dog walker was able to offer to pick up essential items for clients who are too vulnerable to go out, things like medication or food supplies. If you have a skill that you know will benefit people, then use it and share it. Aside from giving you a warm fuzzy feeling, it will get your name out there and demonstrate your worth to potential clients.

You can find my contribution here. I was able to use what I know to help my family, friends, and clients. Anything that makes life easier for us all, right? Please add to it, share it and use it 🙂

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