If you are frantically looking for last-minute Christmas gifts, don’t panic! I’ve put my Christmas shopping off and now we are snowed in. Online shopping it is! Thankfully we still have time for delivery before the big day. Here’s my list of what to get the entrepreneur in your life (or a little something for yourself, you deserve it :-).  

Thinking of going big? This is my dream desktop! Working from my 10-year-old Mac laptop, I have learned one thing – what you use matters! I am an Apple girl. My phone, tablet, and laptop are all Apple. My 9-year-old Macbook might be slowing down, I have got great value out of it. This is on my wishlist once the Macbook breathes its last breath!  

New Apple iMac (27-inch Retina 5k display, 3.0GHz 6-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 1TB)


As much I love technology, some things are crying out for the pen and paper approach. A good notebook is everything! I love a plain hardback notebook for bullet journaling and note-taking, but the Project Action Pad by BestSelf is a brilliant project management tool. It’s an excellent way to keep track of your new clients, tackle a complex project and reach those goals!

I have a huge desk that I work from (when the weather allows – my office is freezing cold, brrrrrrrr). Invariably I use a pen when I’m sat at my desk and then I wander off with it. The next time I sit at the desk – no pen! Every desk should have its own pen, and this is it – the GroveMade Desk Pen

I know this isn’t technically office equipment, but I am convinced I work better in a room with a candle burning. A cozy, gorgeous smelling room is definitely easier to work in. Brooklinen makes amazing linens – if you aren’t in the market for bedding yet, try this one of their scented candles out in the meantime.

One of the downsides of working at home is that you can forget to take breaks. I try not to get distracted by my phone when I’m working, so if I don’t have a clock, it’s very easy for hours to go by without having a drink or stretching my legs. This flip clock by Schoolhouse is gorgeous and too big to miss!

This portable ring light is on my wishlist for 2020. I didn’t realize how much I needed one until I researched them, and then all I could think about was all the ways I could use one. Having decent lighting really ups your social media game and means that the images in your marketing are the best they can be. If you are thinking of getting into Facebook and Instagram Lives (and you definitely should be!), then one of these will have you looking your best self. 


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